May Athlete of the Month – Katie Reilly

1: Where are you from originally?

I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life. Moved to Charlotte when I was 7 so I consider myself from here.

2. What is your favorite WOD/movement?

LOVE squats. Any type, any time, any day, but I really like all types of lifting.

3. What is your least favorite WOD/ Movement?

I’m not very fond of burpees…but if someone was they’d be crazy. Oh and strict press because once you learn dip drive it’s not fun going back to that.

4. What were you doing before CrossFit? How did you hear about CrossFit and/ CrossFit Northlake?

I had exercise ADD. I’d get into an exercise fad or routine then after a couple months I’d stop. I never stuck to anything consistently until I started CrossFit.

Kind of embarrassing…but I saw a YouTube video of people doing CF and was like WHOA I wanna do all those cool things. After looking around at a couple different boxes I chose CFN because it is the best (obviously) and JB was the only owner I talked to who actually invited me to come try it out.

5. What other sports or activities do you participate in as a family besides CrossFit?

I enjoy hiking, kayaking and swimming. Anything outdoors.

6. How many times per week do you CrossFit?

Usually 4-5 times.

7. What is your athletic background?

Not much of one. I played rec soccer in middle school and the first two years of high school. I got a really bad knee injury/ had ankle problems so I stopped playing. In the past couple years I’ve done some 5ks including a mud run but got bored…again exercise ADD.

8. Give us some insight as to your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Northlake.

  • This is really hard
  • I can’t walk right or feel my legs
  • Why would I do this
  • Why would ANYONE do this
  • I can’t wait to go back

9. Do you have any special or favorite CrossFit Northlake memories/moments?

I can’t really think of a favorite moment….guess my milestones are my favorite. When I did my first RX’d WOD, PR a lift and when I (finally) did something I couldn’t when I started CF like box jumps, double unders, “regular” pushups etc

10. What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Northlake?

  • Don’t give up (there will be times you want to). It’s worth all the pain and hard work you put into it.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on being better than the person you were yesterday. Nothing happens overnight – over time you’ll notice how strong and fast you’re getting.
  • You get out what you put in. You won’t magically start doing certain movements after a short period doing CF but don’t get discouraged by this. Practice, practice and more practice (even outside of class time) will get you the results you want.
  • Rely on and form friendships with other members/ coaches. It’s a great community and you’ll enjoy CF a lot more once you get involved. You’ll also get great advice because we all started somewhere and been through everything you’re going through as a beginner. I was used to the ‘globo’ gym environment where no one talked to each other so I was pleasantly surprised when everyone talked to me even as a newbie. These people will become family and your biggest supporters so don’t be afraid to get involved 🙂

11. What is your eating style?

Paleo 80/20. I recently started counting my macros using My Fitness Pal (thanks Amy!) and it’s helped me keep my protein/carbs/fats in check and allow myself the occasional cheat.

12. What kind of results have you seen since starting at CrossFit Northlake?

I’ve gotten a LOT stronger and better endurance. I’ve lost weight and a lot of inches. My body image has completely changed for the better and most of all I’ve gained confidence inside and outside the gym. 🙂

13. What do you do for a living?

I work for Aquesta Bank as a personal banker

14. What drives you to be an active family?

I’ve never been a “small” girl and have struggled with my weight my whole life. I want to stay active to be healthier and (hopefully) set a positive example for others!

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