CFN – Thirty Days of Thankfulness

CrossFit Northlake is quickly approaching its third anniversary in November. I cannot believe it’s been three years since we nervously opened our doors and sat back anxiously waiting for members to join. Today, I spent some time looking through all of the gym pictures spanning the past three years. I couldn’t help but smile at the memories and amazing community that has been built at CrossFit Northlake. I give all the credit to the incredible bonds that have been established, and the community that choicehas been built, to each and every one of our members. The ones who have been here since we started, ones who came and went, and new ones who walk weekly through the door. Each one has profoundly shaped the unique canvas that sets us apart. Every free intro class that I run I constantly tell potential members to come back when our members are here so you can meet them and see what makes our gym so special. Observe their commitment, their diversity, their outlooks and attitudes and I promise you will want to be a part of what we have. To celebrate our community I will be posting on Facebook one post a day from November 1-30 of all the daily moments we are so very grateful for here at CrossFit Northlake. Look for my first post on Sunday!


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