Big News for CrossFit Kids and Introducing DTBY Bootcamp for Girls!

The CrossFit Kids program we offer at Northlake is a special program for me on a personal level. As a parent it is so important for me to develop healthy habits in my two boys.  I teach them that fitness and healthy eating habits are not only good for them, but also healthy and fun.  My ultimate desire and goal for them is that they learn to value their bodies, have fun setting goals, and realize the fullest potential they are capable of. The CrossFit Kids program not only allows me to reinforce those goals with my own kids, but it gives me the opportunity to share them with the kids that participate in the program.

As a leader of the CrossFit Kids program, I have the unique privilege to combine my passion for health and fitness and my experience as a board certified teacher, to develop programs that benefit the health and wellness of young lives. My background as an educator has instilled in me the importance of reflecting on and refining my approach to teaching. And I bring those same work habits to the CrossFit Kids Program. I’m always thinking of ways to not only make the program fun for the kids, but to do it in a way that lays a strong foundation of their physical literacy and overall well-being.

So what’s changing for CrossFit Kids?

Over the past several weeks I have been developing some changes to our CrossFit Kids program and I am excited to share that some changes will start with our next session. We are introducing a new leveling system that will provide a structure for our kids to center their goals around and monitor their progress as they improve within levels, and set goals for more challenging levels. The leveling system shares similarities to regular CrossFit, with each level having a unique (fun) name and a series of progressive movements that are similar to a WOD. At the end of each session we will hold a special class for parents to come and watch their children meet the goals they’ve set and maybe even move up to the next level.  I am so excited to see how these changes will evolve this special program and I’m even more excited to start helping the kids reach their true potential!!!

Introducing DTBY Bootcamp for Girls!

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In addition to the changes with our core CrossFit Kids program, we are also adding a very special addition that we are calling “DTBY” Bootcamp. This program is designed for teen girls, and DTBY stands for “DARE TO BE YOU”. The program is designed to instill confidence in middle school and high school aged girls. The goal is to use exercise and team building skills to help girls break the ‪#‎likeagirl stereotypes that are so hard to live up to! We will not only be working out together, but we will also be getting involved in community service projects, small group discussions, and vision board making. It is our hope that girls will leave this program with a healthier self-image and with the confidence to be themselves in such an identity driven and peer pressured society.

The next session begins on March 10th. We can’t wait to see our returning kids and meet new kids that are joining the program for the first time!

Be Northlake Strong!

~Amy Bright

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