2016 Paleo Blog

2016 Paleo Blog:


Each week throughout this year’s challenge, I will be sitting down to offer my own thoughts, experiences and tips. Each week this blog will contain the following components: thoughts, 2 workouts to complete at home, recipe/weekly food ideas, a weekly goal and some thoughts from other guest bloggers. My goal in doing this is to help people as much as I possibly can be successful throughout the course of the challenge! I am really excited about the amount of people who have signed up and can’t wait to get started in another week.

Workout’s of the Week (Homework):

In this section each week I will give you two quick workouts to squeeze in at home. I know how busy life gets, and one of my own personal goals is to increase the amount of time I am able to workout each week. In order for me to be successful with that goal it means that I need to spend some time getting some extra work done at home. Each workout will be 15-20 min. in length and will require zero equipment. It will be a fun way to step up your total workout times and see further challenge results.

Recipes for the Week:

In this section I will share my food prep for the week and recipe plans. Use our private Facebook Paleo page as a resource as well. If you are not on this page yet please let me know. This week your goal should be to start thinking about how you are going to get through your weeks. What recipes will you use and how will you prepare your meals in such a way to always have things ready and on hand. Share ideas and recipe links you are finding on our Facebook Paleo group page. For me I always choose 3-4 dinner recipes (often crockpot) then spend two days a week grilling out lots of lean meat and cooking vegetables. I also use Sunday to partition out meals and snacks I will eat at work and at the gym so that I am ready.

Goal of the Week:

Based on food logs I am reading, and my own experiences through this process, I will be setting a fun weekly goal. Things like eat more vegetables, workout five times, etc..

This week I am actually setting a goal for all members on the challenge to get your water intake up to par if it isn’t already. This is often so overlooked, but extremely important. Buy a jug you can refill or always keep water close by. Add fruits or find other ways to make it exciting. When it comes to water there really isn’t a perfect amount. A lot depends on different factors such as body size, climate, sweat rate, exercise, foods eaten and diet. I know for me this week my goal is going to be about 9-10 glasses. Here is a calculator that I found that you could use as a rough guide to get your water intake where it needs to be: Water Requirements Calculator.

Guest Blog:

This will be a space where other members from our community will offer their own advice and tips. I always love to hear other people’s perspectives. If you have tried and true ideas you would love to share, please email them to me and I will make sure they get on here for everyone!

Fall in love with the process!

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