2015 Female Paleo Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Alexis Redeemer on representing our ladies as the 2015 Paleo Challenge Winner!

It’s so interesting to read about Alexis’s experience on the challenge because she touches on so many key aspects of why we do the challenge –

  • Experiencing how our cravings change as we get off sugar!
  • Feeling a more balanced and increased energy level throughout the day.
  • Feeling our strength increase and fitness level improve.
  • Learning to plan ahead and prepare meals so we can be successful.
  • Sharing the experience with friends and leaning on them for that extra bit of encouragement when we need it most!

These are many of the key reasons that CrossFit Northlake holds the Paleo Challenge every year. We know it is beneficial and rewarding in so many ways! And even if you are not one of the lucky money winners – in the end, everyone wins!

Here is what Alexis shared with us about her Paleo Challenge experience –

What motivated you to decide to participate in our 6 week paleo challenge?

I decided to participate in the six-week paleo challenge in order to improve my overall physical health. I had previously committed to attending Northlake Bootcamp classes since November, but my diet did not change at all. As a result, I continuously felt tired and did not see drastic changes on the scale. After speaking with Amy regarding the balance between nutrition and exercise, I decided to participate in the challenge. Moreover, I was excited to see the shifts in my overall physical ability and wellness.

What was the hardest part of staying consistent on the challenge?

The hardest part of staying consistent on the challenge was staying away from sugar. I absolutely love anything, and everything sweet. The beginning of the challenge was the easiest part of resisting sweets because I was extremely motivated to commit to the challenge. However, I quickly began to crave my favorite foods after the first two weeks. Fortunately, I committed to the challenge with the help of my two closest friends, Erica and Taylor. With their encouragement, and healthy sweet substitutes, such as fruits, I was able to complete the challenge without eating any sweets. Furthermore, I noticed that as the challenge progressed my cravings for processed sweets weekend, and I began to crave sweet fruits, such as berries.

Tell us about the changes you have noticed since switching to a paleo lifestyle.

I have noticed that I have more energy to sustain me throughout my day. I am able to teach my students, and workout during Bootcamp classes without feeling completely drained or exhausted. I also notice that I do not overeat or overindulge because the food that I am able to eat can be consumed in large amounts (i.e. fruits and vegetables) that are filling. Lastly, my clothes simply fit better because I am loosing more weight by consuming healthy foods and exercising.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about giving paleo a try?

There are two key components to being successful on the paleo lifestyle: (1) planning / preparation, and (2) perseverance. Everyday it was imperative that I planned out my meals and snacks. This prepared me for a successful day, and limited my cravings. Moreover, remembering to stay positive and not quit no matter what helped me stay committed. This suggestion was coupled with having friends who decided to participate in the paleo challenge as well.

Now that the challenge is over how will you continue to incorporate what you have learned and gained into your daily routine?

Now that the paleo challenge has ended I decided to continue the paleo lifestyle using the 80/20 method. This means that 80% of the time I am eating paleo and 20% I am eating what I want (within reasonable means). This often translates to eating strict paleo Sunday through Thursday, and having one “cheat” meal Friday and Saturday.

How are you planning to spend your cash prize?

I plan on spending some of my cash prize on buying my graduation shoes for the ceremony.

Congratulations again Alexis – awesome job!!!

~ Amy

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